Premier Academy Student Handbook & Rights/Responsibilities Acknowledgement

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  • PREMIER ACADEMY REQUIRES ALL STUDENTS AND PARENTS TO ACKNOWLEDGE, IN WRITING, THAT THEY HAVE RECEIVED A COPY OF THE STUDENT HANDBOOK CONTAINING SCHOOL POLICIES AND PROCEDURES and understand it is their responsibility to read its contents and to comply with the rules explained in the handbook. We acknowledge that, if we do not understand any provisions of this handbook, it is our responsibility to seek out clarification from an administrator.

    • Chronically poor attendance may result in the following actions: student/parent conferences, home visits, revocation of driving privileges, truancy interventions, court referral and/or removal from Premier. Students who do not maintain 90% or higher attendance may forfeit their ability to participate in activities such as: home school athletics, school dances, or home school graduation ceremony.
    • Cell phone usage during the school day is prohibited. Students who choose to bring their cell phone to school must turn off the device and hand it to staff upon entry to the building for secure storage. Ear buds must be turned in and will be stored with their phone. All over the ear headphones will be confiscated; phones and ear buds will be returned at dismissal.
    • All students enrolled at Premier Academy must consent to a search (including, but not limited to pat down) of their person and inspection of belongings before they enter the facility and upon every reentry. Ball caps, over the ear headphones, and any backpack that isn’t Premier issued will not be allowed in the building. Any item deemed as contraband will be confiscated and not returned. Illegal contraband items may result in the immediate involvement of local law enforcement and removal from Premier.
    • Premier Academy is a Drug-Free School and as such prohibits the possession, sale and arriving under the influence or use of drugs, alcohol, tobacco or any intoxicating substance while on school property.
    • Notification of bullying (as defined by the Premier Academy Student Handbook and IL School Law 12:355) will not be tolerated and disciplinary actions will be taken on a case by case basis.
    • Premier Academy maintains temporary files (semester grade reports, attendance, and general behavior records) on each student for 5 years. For all temporary file requests from Premier Academy’s records, 72 hours notice will be required to obtain any documents/information.

    • To attend school
    • To appropriately express their opinion one-on-one with the appropriate Premier Academy staff member
    • To expect that the school be a safe place for all students to gain an education
    • To not have their rights infringed upon by another student

    • Students are to treat everyone associated with Premier Academy (fellow students, teachers, support staff, administration, guests, etc.) with dignity and respect. Student behavior that interferes with other students’ learning opportunities to learn, teachers’ opportunity to teach, or others’ rights to function in the building will not be tolerated.
    • Those attending Premier Academy are expected to act like responsible students at all times.
    • Premier staff are in charge of the program. As such, students are expected to follow their directives. Those who fail to do so will be considered insubordinate and subject to disciplinary action. If a student questions a staff member’s decision, the student should do as the staff member directs and then see an administrator at an appropriate time to discuss concerns.
    • Students are expected to pick up after themselves and help maintain a clean and safe school environment. This applies to all areas of the school: hallways, classrooms, restrooms, offices, gymnasium, and outside areas.

    • To actively participate in your student’s education
    • To ensure student attendance; students are required to maintain a 90% attendance rate (2 or less absences per month)
    • To monitor student progress
    • To maintain most current contact and emergency information and ensure student’s immediate pick up if sick, disruptive or suspended
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